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Teledyne Photometrics的目标是超过您的预期。您所购买的任一款Teledyne Photometrics 产品,都通过了我们 高标准的质量控制体系的检测,并享有业内最好的保修计划。 甚至是我们销售的演示相机 也包含和新机相同的质保政策。

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每部Teledyne Photometrics相机在购买时都附有一份标准保修计划。自购买日起可享受至少一年的免费零部件更换及人工服务。Evolve 系列和CoolSNAP MYO系列相机更享有两年的保修。此标准保修计划适用于新购设备和翻新设备。



如果您从Teledyne Photometrics购买了延长保障计划,我们承诺会在最短时间内对您的问题做出响应,最大限度缩短您的停机时间。


Teledyne Photometrics同时也提供在线和现场使用培训。这些培训可以帮助您快速熟悉并有效地使用您的新相机。

如需了解Teledyne Photometrics延长保障计划的详细信息,请联系您的成像专家。


Below are official announcements from the Teledyne Photometrics Support Team.

  • Currently there are no announcements.


USB 2.0 Chipset Incompatibility Notice >

Due to rapid advancement of computer CPU architectures and operating system updates, Teledyne Photometrics tests and qualifies each of its cameras on the industry's most current computer platforms.

This following outlines the computers Teledyne Photometrics has found to maximize scientific camera performance and those that are not recommended due to found performance issues.


Dell Computers

Teledyne Photometrics has found the following Dell products provide high reliability for microscopy computer systems:

  • Precision
  • XPS
  • Alienware


Dell Computers

Teledyne Photometrics recommends avoiding these "budget" Dell models due to consistent use of low-performance parts:

  • Optiplex
  • Vostro

Gateway Computers

Teledyne Photometrics recommends avoiding Gateway computers for use as high performance microscopy workstations. In general customers have experienced both stability and high speed acquisition issues on a regular basis.


Operating System

  • Windows 7 (32/64 bit)


2.0 GHz or faster Intel processor of these brands:

  • Xeon
  • Core i5
  • Core i7

Note: The notebook/laptop editions of these processors are inferior to their desktop counterparts and are not guaranteed the same performance.

Furthermore, all Core i3 processors have a small onboard cache and integrated graphics - these two factors combined yield poor streaming performance for real-time devices like Teledyne Photometrics' scientific cameras. As a result, Core i3 processors are not recommended.

Basic Components

  • >250 GB Serial ATA (SATA) HDD and/or >64 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for high-speed imaging and storage
  • 2+ GB of RAM/Memory, >3 GB recommended for streaming applications
  • 256+ MB greater slot-based ATI/nVidia video graphics card (i.e. not an "onboard/integrated graphics" adapter)

Teledyne Photometrics 用户手册

Teledyne Photometrics camera user manuals are available for both current and legacy cameras. These files are provided as PDFs which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download PDF Reader for Free.

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