Prime 95B™ 科学级 CMOS(sCMOS) 相机

Prime 95B sCMOS Camera
Teledyne Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS Camera

95% 量子效率的背照式 sCMOS, 当发现取决于每一个光子


Prime 95B 科学级 CMOS(sCMOS) 相机通过其 95% 的量子效率,帮助您轻松应对弱光成像的挑战。作为当前最敏感的科学级 sCMOS 相机, Prime 95B 可以检测到几乎所有可利用的信号。 Prime 95B 通过以下特性,为您捕获更多的信号,提高图像的信噪比:

  • 95% 量子效率
  • 11µm x 11µm 像元
  • 实时计算能力
  • 3种视野选项

  Prime 95B   Prime 95B 22mm   Prime 95B 25mm
PrimeEnhance - before PrimeEnhance - after

Prime 95B使用嵌入式信号处理引擎定量地恢复隐藏在散粒噪声(Photon Noise)中的图像。点击以下文章进一步了解:

  • 95% 量子效率
  • 11µm x 11µm 像元
  • 1200 x 1200 阵列- 1.44 百万像素
  • 1.6e- 读出噪声
  • 80,000e- 满井容量
  • 61500:1 动态范围
  • 41帧/每秒@ 16-bit
  • 82帧/每秒@ 12-bit

The quantum efficiency of the camera is a really important factor for us. If we can use less excitation power, we can increase the length of our imaging and minimize photodamage to the animal. The sensitivity of the Prime 95B is truly transformative for our type of work.

Shiaulou Yuan, Yale University


The Prime 95B allowed us to not only increase the frame rate we were using to acquire images, but we also achieved higher resolution. For us, that meant being able to look at subcellular structure in real time.

Geoffrey G. Murphy, University of Michigan


The Prime 95B Scientific CMOS is an outstanding camera, particularly due to its low-noise, high-sensitivity and large field-of-view.

Dr. Ricardo Henriques, University College London


The Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera is, right now, the best solution we have found for TILT imaging. Coupling the Prime 95B to the TILT generates an extremely powerful imaging system!

Dr. Paul Maddox, University of North Carolina


The high QE of the Prime 95B will allow us to improve our investigation of protein dynamics and extend single molecule tracking to more challenging samples.

Dr. Martin Lenz, University of Cambridge


The high speed and large field of view of the Prime 95B are a massive advantage for our work.

Madhavi Krishnan, Krishnan Group, University of Zürich


The bigger our field of view and the lower the exposure times are, the more cells we can image overall as less images are needed and the acquisition is faster.

Marc Fouet, University of California, Berkeley


The Prime 95B is the perfect camera for Spinning Disk - the image quality is a big improvement over our EMCCDs, and the field of view makes samples much easier to find.

Peter March, University of Manchester, Bioimaging Facility


Teledyne Photometrics cameras are reliable with great performance. We can now visualize things that we could not see before.

Dr. Felix Evers, Centre for Organismal Studies, University of Heidelberg


I find the performance of the Prime 95B to be comparable to state-of-the-art EMCCDs

Aleks Ponjavic, Klenerman Group, University of Cambridge


I don't think I'd use an EMCCD again, I don't know why I'd use it with the performance we get out of the Prime 95B.

Anders Kyrsting, The Linke Group, University of Lund, Sweden

We can now more precisely locate each fluorescent dye that is targeting a protein within a complex. This has the effect of improving the resolution of our structural models, allowing us to see details inside these complexes that we could not before.

Dr. Kyle M. Douglass, Suliana Manley Lab


I think the Prime 95B is a very innovative product. Partly because of the back thinning but also because the pixel size is more appropriate than conventional Scientific CMOS cameras.

Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh, Center for Biologic Imaging


The Prime 95B provides the speed, field of view and resolution of a CMOS camera, with the added sensitivity of an EMCCD camera for our more demanding experiments.

Uri Manor, SALK Institute for Biological Studies, Biophotonics Core Facility


The Prime 95B allowed us to acquire high contrast fluorescence images using low excitation intensities, and subsequently allowed us to image over longer periods of time and at higher frequencies than previously possible.

Simon Berger, deMello Group, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)


[Prime 95B] allows us to conduct our STORM experiments with higher frame rates… 95 percent quantum efficiency allows for super-resolution imaging that's not achievable with conventional Scientific CMOS cameras.

Ke Xu, University of California Berkeley, College of Chemistry


For single-molecule images like in DNA-PAINT, the Prime 95B combined with PrimeEnhance allows us to conduct super-resolution imaging with higher spatial resolution than that of EMCCD technology.

Sang-Hee Shim, Institute for Basic Science, Korea University


Imaging twice as fast with the Prime 95B is a great advantage. The reduction of pixel-to-pixel variance and the reduction of visible column structure in the camera greatly improves our results.

Guy Hagen, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


If you have a shorter exposure time, you can track faster kinetics. More sensitivity and shorter exposure times with the Prime 95B allow you to image faster and track kinetics better.

Yandong Yin, New York University, School of Medicine


The Prime 95B camera is specified to provide >95% quantum efficiency, giving us the advantages of Scientific CMOS with fantastic sensitivity.

Paul French, Imperial College London, Physics Department


…if you’re looking for a high performance camera, the Prime95B is definitely worth checking out. It lives up to the hype!

Kurt Thorn, UCSF




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