OEM Case Study

Typical Teledyne Photometrics OEM Engagement


Instrumentation Manufacturing


Market demand for greater speed in collecting and evaluating samples was far outpacing throughput. This was due primarily to outdated, inefficient inspection techniques utilizing older imaging technology. By introducing digital imaging technology, the company could increase throughput as well as provide more accurate results—all at a significant cost savings to this OEM's customers.

The OEM needed to develop a plan to evaluate and incorporate imaging technology into their product line and transfer this capability to their manufacturing and service operation.


Research & Development

Teledyne Photometrics imaging experts worked with the OEM's R&D group to help optimize their development plan. By helping the OEM's R&D team develop an in-depth understanding of digital imaging technology, the OEM was able to make significant technical decisions based on their imaging application's requirements.


This project resulted in the development of a unique digital imaging product tailored to meet the OEM's customer expectations and significantly increased their system's capabilities both in terms of signal detection and sample throughput.


To ensure the most efficient transition, Teledyne Photometrics designed and implemented a customized training program for all members of the engineering development team. The education focused on CCD fundamentals, camera operation, optimized camera settings, variable selection and software integration.


This prepared the OEM's engineering team to quickly and efficiently incorporate this technology into their current product offerings.


During the development process, Teledyne Photometrics worked with the OEM's manufacturing engineering group to customize a camera test report so that the delivered system would be fully optimized for their application. We also developed customized test stations to allow manufacturing QA/QC to validate the products specifications. Teledyne Photometrics worked closely with manufacturing to train their technicians to become familiar with the systems tests. By developing in-house expertise within the OEM's manufacturing department,


Teledyne Photometrics was able to reduce the time and cost of releasing the new product through their manufacturing operation. When the product was released to manufacturing, Teledyne Photometrics released part # control to the OEM. This ensured that any changes to existing technology were fully tested and accepted by the OEM before being employing with their product, thus delivering quality performance of every product. As new imaging capabilities were developed, Teledyne Photometrics collaborated with the OEM to evaluate the technology before release and determine if there was benefit in their market-- before updating their part. In essence, we became their imaging development team.

Sales & Customer Service

Teledyne Photometrics trained the OEM's Field Representatives to install and troubleshoot cameras onsite and over the phone. We created a service parts list that allowed the OEM to manage their customers directly.


By creating a service program tailored to their market, the service department was able to offer their customers complete support from the first day of product release.


The OEM was first to market with a digital imaging solution, cementing its leadership in its marketplace

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